Wednesdays and Pride Parades

by Maddy Morris

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'Help, I've started a war'

In Wednesdays and Pride Parades, 15 year old singer-songwriter channels her destructive tendencies to creative efforts. Dealing with issues ranging from identity, belief, theism, homophobia and self harm, Maddy channels bad thoughts into cool hooks, haunting melodies and lyrics that'll break your heart.

The tone of the album is reflective, taking influences from Anna Nalick, Missy Higgens and Annie Di Franko. This is sure to leave a song in your heart and a lump in your throat


released April 30, 2014

Maddy Morris: Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Baritone Guitar,
Oliver Morris: Backing Vocals, Bass, guitar (track 4)

Produced by Oliver Morris
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Frankly My Darling Records



all rights reserved


Frankly My Darling Records Milton Keynes, UK

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Track Name: Gone
A second out of time:


A letter she wrote
The pen run out the words forever stuck in her throat

She thought it’d be fun
But tonight she’ll loose her life to the barrel of her own gun

Sickly sweet
He’s loosing all the feeling in his fingers while we speak

As if I’m Buried alive
My body lives on while my brain dies

You know I am lost
From the tallest building I have fallen from
And I know that some day
That this’ll all be gone

Take my hand, if you do we can walk like all the normal
But she never gets the chance,
Cause she’s fallible and flawed like all the other humans.

Why me, I know I am who I am but why do they get to speak
Like you’re normal, unlike me.


So where has the time gone, I’ve been searching for days
And where has my life gone
In this never ending maze
You said that I’m not perfect
Well darling I think that we
Are the same

Track Name: Keys
never seem to get so attached
Unless there’s more than certain chance
That its not gonna last
And you ask me if I have any evidence to back up that
My evidence is you, dear.

She asks me if there’s a way I formulate my melodies
But I, Never can be sure if she’s a major or a minor key
But not only are you gorgeous you even, play for my team
Break through dear

But there really must be nothing for me to fret about because
This fantasy from with in my head works its way out

You could be my stormy London night
Or sunny Paris morning
Take me from darkness to light,
all the while you are my dawning

and I need no test or exam to know its
right when you hold my hand
just you dear.

But there really must be nothing or me to fret about because
I passed my test with A’s and B’s
And school is out

But what she forgot to mention
Is it’d feel like this
Because, with me tried out
She goes back to him.

I’m not ever going to pretend that I understand but I’d
Never let these cards of mine, take your hand
And I’m not pretending this is a game
But we really are quite the same
Because I love you dear.
Track Name: The Melody
Verse 1:
A second look your way
I guess I’ve broken my radar again,
What a shame

And I’ve lost my cool
What about yours?
Another broken minor discord for a change

And I,
Wonder if you’ll stay
‘cause she was the melody keeping me awake
another rainy day,
but the rain burns my skin
so let me in
let me in
to the shade

Verse 2
It’s the simple things that soften my heart
Like the smell of your hair
Or the way you start
Every sentence you speak with um
As if your begging for the worlds permission

How I hate that I used to resent you
But still I love you all the same
Because this constant sickness of empty
Overrules my anger and my rage


Verse 3:
How dare you let me get this way?
How dare you say it’s my fault?
As I break another red melody into my flesh
And your rub it with salt

And you tell me how to live and function
You try to analyse my freedom
But with every win you gain
It sends a current through my brain.
Just once let me please him.

Track Name: Second out of Time
I wanna be cool, I want to be creative
I want to have friends who are not blood related
I want a life that isn’t just in my head

Will there ever be a day where I’m not suicidal
And will I ever say that I am my own idol
But in the end
I just want to get out of bed

I have a mommy and daddy who love me
Society who judges me
And my brother and sister still want me
Even with these scars, that hurt them more than me

But baby when you left I lost my mind
And everything she said was just a second out of time
But now you’re gone, there’s no point to my life
And darling that’s not you’re burden that is mine

Well I live in a world where were constantly persuaded
That who you are
Comes second best to what you’re grade is
Tell me I’m playing the victim
But it’s fact

Cause you give me a label then throw me out
Find me a box, and make me doubt
Everything, I’ve ever been.


Well I let myself feel and suddenly I’m human
The things I oughta say, but can’t cause you’ll abuse them
So many questions
Marked by so much hate

Well I do know,
This un-defying need
it comes down to opinion

I’ll tell you my biggest secret if you’ll go with it
I’m a lot more like Santana than I’ll admit
Track Name: Stay
Verse 1:
Well I’m trying to find meaning
Because I’m functioning without being here
And I’m trying to find comfort
In a world were people monger fear
But would you forgive me
If I told you I like the feeling of you near.

But I’ve got plenty of scars on my arms and my legs
And I’m thinking over words I wish she had said would you stay.
Because there’s life running through my heart and my veins
And for once I feel alive, minus the pain,

Would you stay.
Would you stay, yeah.
Would you stay.

Verse 2:
Well excuse me for staring darling,
Don’t worry I have no intention to stay.
Because there are a few small words that you think define me,
Make you nervous and hasty around me.
Loud, Mouthy, Afraid.

Well my piano player, guitar singer, Texas quiet Asian ginger.
Suddenly I’ve realised my best friends have seen the pain behind my eyes
You know I miss her,
That girl I used to be.
But gay or hate, I wont fire your hate
You’re labels can’t define me.

Track Name: This Existence
Verse 1:
The darkness that you brought to me
Scars my days and plagues my sleep
They cover me in so many labels you cannot see my face

My reflection covered in words, as if I’m a witness to my race.

And as you criticise me
I am left with nothing but my sleep
Would you trust me if you wanted to.

And god in heaven almighty,
Why is it now chose to leave?
Cause there are more scars than stars in my heart now
How could leave?

Verse 2:
Too afraid of being alone with these thoughts
She continues to function while, subdued and distraught
She’s selfish and petty as she sinks deeper than she should be
In this, never ending fever dream that they
Silence with their money


And god in heaven almighty,
I’ve lost my way and I’ve lost me.
Scraping through,
Any séance to breathe
I’m scraping through this existence
On words I write,
And words I listen.

Track Name: War
Well I’m begging to feel like
I put words in my mouth in order to find things to feel
Drowning in this numbness
Apathetic towards anything that’s real

I’ve never felt so broken,
But now my eyes are open
I can see what I’ve become

I’m so caught up
In my pathetic sadness
I like it here.

I’m fearing
nothings wrong
My head spins
And I’m screaming through this dark
Help, I’ve started a war.

Verse 2:
Well I’m begging to realise
I’m lucky to have you three
You’ve saved my life far to many times
And you constantly save me

But I take it out on them
To stop this war of knife and skin
And I know it’s not their fault
But I, for them to battle with
But I call them names and make them access my pain.
Why don’t they forget me?
If I were them I’d just forget me?

I’m fearing
nothings wrong
My head spins
And I’m screaming through this dark
Help, I’ve started a war.

Middle 8- end
I’m fearing
nothings wrong
My head spins
And I’m screaming through this dark

I’m fearing
nothings wrong
My head spins
And I’m screaming through this dark
Help, I’ve started a war.
Track Name: Holly's Lullaby
Holly wasn’t right:

Verse 1:
As I trace a finger over
The dimple in her chin
I’m reminded that I’m loosing time, is warning thin
I hate her for this illness it feels like she gave herself
The scars, the bites the burn marks
Her self inflicted cries for help

But Holly wasn’t right
She stole my days and plagued my nights
So inflicted by these lies
She changed my life
But she was a moment of stagnant glory
She was a picture taken in time
But as her picture seems to fade, so does mine.

Verse 2:
Her feather light fingers
Hesitates to wave me goodbye
I wish I held her hand, asked her to stay
Asked her to say in my

And she avoids making eye contact
As she
Kisses me goodbye
I wish I had taken her
Wish I had shown her how, shown her how she changed my


Vs 3:
She prayed forgive me lord, for I have sinned
I’ve taken these pills and I have pulled my skin
To fit a person who is no longer I
But in remorse, why bother to cry?

She said,
I’ve never been good,
I’ve never been smart
I’ve never known how to control my heart
It’s medicating me, it filters my brain
And I don’t understand how I’ve not gone insane

And maybe I have
And maybe I will be I’ll keep
Medicating and using till it kills me
And that’s alright
Cause it’s my life